Drones fighting the drug war?!?

U.S. military drones are policing international skies… to find pot.

I wish that was a typo.

Apparently, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, the U.S. started secretly using “unarmed drones” about a month ago to combat the drug war in Mexico. It’s no surprise that extra enforcement was chosen as the solution; Mexican presidents have a long history of crackdown-enforcement solutions that do nothing but puff up the death toll. So now we have flying robots spying on people (only spying, we’re assured) in foreign countries. No wonder they kept it secret. It’s sort of illegal, since Mexican laws restrict foreign military intervention. Not to mention all the national sovereignty issues implicated (as if Uncle Sam gives a fuck about your weak little country’s supposed ‘sovereignty!’). Relax! We’re the good guys here, situation’s under control now. Our control.

But make no mistake; this is just the beginning. It won’t take too long for the government to sneak some weapons aboard these drones, especially with the buddy-buddy relationship that appears to be forming between drug warriors of the U.S. and Mexico. With a drug-war justification, an already desensitized public will have little air left in their lungs to yell about the injustice of it. When will our government realize that even if we weren’t broke and in record-setting nail-biting mountains of debt, we’d never have enough money to eradicate the cannabis plant from the globe? It’s too hearty a plant, and it’s kept alive by an even heartier and ever-growing culture. Press on, keep reading and for the love of pot keep your eyes trained on Mexico.

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