Breaking Hiatus

Hello friends. I’m sorry for such a long lull in posts; I’ve fallen out of most of my good habits over these past few months but I’m trying to get back on track now.  A lot has happened since my last post. While I was in Portland at the National NORML Conference, Canadian activist Marc Emery was sentenced to five years in U.S. Federal Prison for selling seeds across the U.S./Canada border. I encourage you to read Marc’s blog for a look inside the Federal Prison system and the discrimination he faces as a Canadian citizen in U.S. Federal Prison. In October, Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1449 into law, making adult possession of up to an ounce of cannabis a criminal infraction, punishable by a $100 ticket that requires no court appearance. Last November, California Prop 19 barely failed, but received an encouraging 46.5% of the vote, meaning that over 4.6 million Californians voted in favor of legalization! And in a surprising victory, Arizona became the 15th state to legalize medical marijuana! The measure barely squeaked by with 50.13% of voters approving Prop 203.

We made some pretty big strides in 2010, and I’m confident that as we win more victories in the next few years, public support will grow as we continue to spread the truth about cannabis and adopt policies that protect our citizens, not exploit them.


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