Coming up: NORML's 39th annual National Conference!

Hey folks! It’s been an embarrassingly long time since the last post, but much has transpired in the world of drug reform both locally and around the world since the last updates. The Mexico situation has become so bleak that the U.S. State Department said it would pull all of the children of its diplomatic personnel out of the business capital of Monterrey. The decision came after a cartel shootout in front of a prominent school in that city. Also it seems that pharmacies across the U.S. are seeing more instances of heists and robberies due to the increase in popularity of prescription drugs. Pharmaceuticals are the second-most popular illicit drug category in the U.S. behind cannabis.

On a happier note, the first MU NORML meeting of the year kicked off rather successfully this year with around 80 students and citizens coming out and showing their interest in fighting back against the Drug War. Our next meeting will be help at 7:00 p.m. in Arts & Sciences room 103, where we’ll be presenting a recap of the National NORML conference.

Speaking of said conference, MU NORML president Lyndsey Garza I have the extreme privilege of traveling to Portland, ORfor NORML’s 39th annual National Conference! I’m leaving town at 3 a.m. tonight and flying out of KCI around 6:30 tomorrow morning. I’ll be a bit late to the beginning of the conference, but follow along for updates throughout the conference. You can also follow the fun at our Twitter page or watch the conference streaming on NORML’s website!