Dan Viets: Local Attorney, Activist and Patriot

I just wanted to say a few words about my attorney Dan Viets, because he’s one of the hardest working reformers in Columbia. I first met Dan through necessity. I had some legal issues in the dorms when I was a freshman. My friends recommended I hire Dan Viets to take my case. His offices are downtown, and they had found his name in the NORML Legal Directory in the back of High Times Magazine. Dan took my case and was able to provide me excellent counsel during a case that without a lawyer’s aid could have made me ineligible for financial aid (I’ll write about the ridiculousness of that policy in the future).

Since then I’ve been able to work with Dan more often through our shared interest in civil liberties and drug policy reform. Dan, in addition to being on the NORML Legal Committee, is on the Board of Directors for NORML. In the 2004 Columbia elections, Dan had a key role in helping to pass both a decriminalization law which included a “Lowest Priority” provision for marijuana law enforcement (subsection f) and a medical marijuana ordinance, both ballot initiatives supported by high majorities. To top it all off, Dan hosts an excellent radio show on 89.5 FM KOPN, Columbia’s community NPR affiliate radio station. His show is called “Sex, Drugs and Civil Liberties” and you can listen in for it every Tuesday from 7 to 8 p.m. or listen online at KOPN.org. You can also listen to previous shows here.

Thanks, Dan, for all the work you’ve done in Columbia and all the work you continue to do in the community!


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