Susan Smith compares marijuana cultivation to terrorism

I have a bit of the video from last week’s Citizens Police Review Board that I promised; we’re still in the editing process on a lot of it. Here is a clip of Susan Smith’s comments at the beginning of the meeting comparing cultivation to the Oklahoma City bombing, the Times Square bombing, rape and 9/11. This woman is completely out of touch:

These statements are obviously incredibly offensive for a number of reasons, but the main one is also the most obvious: Prohibition funds terrorism. Directly. Drug cartels in Mexico rely on cannabis sales for their main source of income and many middle-eastern terrorist organizations rely on the opium trade. These plants are only profitable because they are illegal. What’s more, someone who grows marijuana domestically for profit would actually be in direct competition with terrorist organizations, and therefore would be actually fighting terrorists economically. You might also have noticed Smith claimed there were two pit bulls at the Whitworth residence, but of course numerous reports have clarified that there was one pit and one corgi when the home was invaded. Susan, if you are interested in keeping your seat on this board, I’d suggest you actually read the facts before you make a complete fool out of yourself. Again.

By the way, this is the same woman who wouldn’t give Ed or Angela a chance to address the board that night nor let any of the public speak until after a vote had been reached. Something must be done; if this is really a citizen’s board, the citizens need to take action.


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