Ed Rosenthal and Angela Bacca: "The CPRB mishandled our appeal"

Friends: I’m reblogging a post written by Angela Bacca on Ed Rosenthal’s blog about the CPRB’s atrocious mishandling of their appeal last Wednesday. Please send a polite, professional email to the CPRB to express your concern over how this matter was handled (or its lack of handling in any way).

Please help us by reposting, re-tweeting, facebooking and etc. Please send a quick email to the Columbia, Missouri Civillian Police Review Board and let them know what you think about their handling of mine and Angela’s appeal.

1) The investigation of the officers excluded everything anyone complained about:

‘1. Scope of Investigation
The investigation does not attempt to address whether or to what extent marijuana laws should be enforced, whether probable cause existed to issue the warrant, whether SWAT Team should have been used to serve the warrant, the timing of the search warrant service, or the use of “dynamic entry” tactics by SWAT team.’

-Chief Ken Burton’s official investigation report

2) The board voted before hearing from myself and Angela as well as the citizens of Columbia.”


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