Ed Rosenthal is coming to town!

Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja

Folks, if you’re anywhere near Columbia, MO then you won’t want to miss Ed Rosenthal’s visit tomorrow. He will be speaking at the Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB) Meeting tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. at city hall on Broadway. Ed will be discussing his appeal concerning the SWAT raid last February that resulted in the death of one family dog and another being shot in the leg. Ed was the first to appeal Chief Burton’s decision to exonerate the officers involved in the raid. Although he lives in California, the current language in the ordinance that created the CPRB doesn’t set a boundary of who is allowed to appeal. The CPRB decided that they may revise the ordinance later to limit who can appeal, but for now they’ll have to hear Ed’s appeal. For more on that story and a general recap click here.

Personally, I’m very glad that Ed has filed his appeal. The local anger and momentum over the SWAT raid had all but dried up in recent weeks, but Ed’s appeal all the way from Oakland has reignited that energy and given us a second wind. We need to stand together and refuse to back down until there are concrete local laws that protect our citizens from being treated like enemy combatants in their own country. Come join us tomorrow, Wednesday August 4th at City Hall! 7 p.m. sharp, and stay afterwards for a rally in front of City Hall. Show your support, bring signs and friends, and RSVP on Facebook!


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