Vape-Pen: The Personal Herbal Delivery System

I recently had the privilege of testing out a new vaporizer product called the Vape-Pen. Here’s how it went down: When Angela Bacca came over to my apartment last week, she pulled this smart little case out of her purse:

The Vape-Pen in its case, roughly the size of a wallet.

She pulled out what looked like an ordinary ball-point pen at first glance and inhaled from it. The tip of the pen began to glow blue, and then it blinked. She then handed it to me, and I had a chance to look at it up close:

The vapor from the Pen is very light and has a subtle, pleasant taste. It creates no smoke and leaves no smell. You can hardly tell you’ve inhaled anything at all! It’s perfect for patients who need to medicate discreetly. The weirdest part is this: You don’t load it. You don’t have to have any cannabis on you to use the Vape-Pen, because the cartridges come loaded with an herbal oil*. It’s the equivalent of 1/8th ounce of dried buds; when you run out you order another cartridge.

*Vape-Pen Creator’s note: “The stuff in the cartridges is called Liquid-Herb™ and it’s a special formula made from all natural ingredients and containing whole flower extracts.   Not exactly an oil per se but a nano-particle delivery formula that creates tiny droplets of medicine suspended in water vapor.  It took us two years to perfect this formula and many others have tried to do so and failed. We’re getting ready to distribute a DIY kit that will let anyone make a kind of liquid that can be used in a Vape-Pen.   There is also a version that lets you drip liquid into it.  Unfortunately, you can’t just put any old hash oil or honey oil in there because it will clog the atomizer.   This is why we will be selling the kit.”      -Doctor Vapor

It’s very simple to use; there are no buttons or switches, you simply inhale and a blue light will glow if you are doing it correctly. The Pen charges via USB. All you do is unscrew the cartridge (the silver part) from the atomizer/battery (the black) and screw the battery back onto the USB charger, then plug it into a USB port on your computer.

This thing is awesome in many ways. Since it uses a supercritical atomizer to create the vapor, there is no combustion, no heat and is totally safe even in high-oxygen environments like hospital rooms. It is very discreet, it only looks as if you’re chewing on the tip of a pen. Definitely can be a lifesaver for many patients who need to stay low profile. Here’s the website for more info:


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