Volunteer for Prop 19!

If you read this blog, if you sign online petitions in support of legalization, if you are a member of NORML, SSDP, LEAP, MPP, SAFER or any of the other many legalization organizations, I have a personal and direct challenge to you: volunteer to help spread the word on Prop 19. Whether you will be blogging, calling, or even just sending emails or Facebook messages to your friends, this is the time to actually contribute to some REAL change.

Don’t live in California? Don’t kid yourself by thinking you can’t help. I’m living in the middle of Missouri and you can bet that I just signed up for volunteer work. It takes literally less than 2 minutes to sign up, and this is a proposition that will set the political stage for a national legalization push. The passage of Prop 19 in 2010 will generate unstoppable momentum for similar measures in 2012. It’s just up to We the People to make it happen. So if you took the time to read this whole post, you can definitely afford to give a little more time and volunteer. Yes on Prop 19, Yes for Freedom!


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