Why Reagan told you weed kills your brain cells…

Check this video out below. It turns out that what your parents have been telling you, what your government has been telling you, and what your school has been telling you about marijuana all your life is based on some pretty unethical research. Research conducted on monkeys. With gas masks. I can’t even make this up. And I’d just like to point out: though some folks do smoke from gas masks (on rare occasions I’d assume), no one can smoke anywhere near 63 Columbian grade (whatever that means) joints through one! (View source page here)

I did some further digging into the whole radioactive tobacco thing, because I learned a few years ago that many cancer cells are formed through some sort of radioactivity. Sure enough, this was from wikipedia: “In the United States, tobacco is often fertilized with the mineral apatite, which partially starves the plant of nitrogen, to produce a more desired flavor. Apatite, however, contains radium, lead 210, and polonium 210 — which are known radioactive carcinogens.” I also found this page that seems to suggest that tobacco might not cause lung cancer at all if it was grown organically…not sure how to react. Makes me want to put on a lab coat and figure it out myself.

Regardless of what studies you find to point at or what drugs you compare, it remains a simple cold fact that marijuana has never killed anyone nor has it given anyone cancer. That should be the bottom line talking point in any legalization debate, whether it’s with your pastor or with the director of the FBI:



One thought on “Why Reagan told you weed kills your brain cells…

  1. DowJones1962 says:

    Milk to beer to bourbon. Dang, I love milk, I love beer, so my potential for bourbon consumption is growing exponentially daily. That guy really put the ‘ol FBI director in his place. Good stuff!


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