Hope for Columbia

Hello all! I’ve been out of town for the week, but I was delighted to see that while I was gone local attorney Dan Viets and Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton had an exchange of words at a press conference that led to Burton expressing openness to a change in marijuana enforcement if state laws were to change. “I don’t have anything against it except that it’s against the law, and as a police officer, I’ve sworn to uphold the law,” Burton told Viets. However, he also said that many policemen would like to “get out of the [drug war] business” and that he was “with you on the fight”. This is wonderfully reassuring news for those of us who want reform. Burton’s work as Police Chief so far has shown tremendous promise, and I really believe Burton cares deeply about the will of the citizens. Burton has acknowledged in the past that the only power he and his department have comes from the citizens and he has been very open and transparent about his work here in Columbia. A big thank you to Chief Burton for your integrity and your openness to the public’s wishes. See the full conversation below:


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