Columbia city council meeting (with links to video!)

Spencer Pearson and Holly Henry prepare to address the Columbia City Council on Monday. Photo courtesy of the Columbia Missourian.

The city council meeting left people with mixed feelings of vindication and frustration. While I felt that the presentation I gave with Holly Henry was a powerful and strong message, some have voiced concern that the mayor and the council have remained uncomfortably silent on the issue. However, this issue is far from over. The community needs to remain banded together on this issue until appropriate actions are taken. The next city council meeting is scheduled for June 7th. Hopefully others will be interested in signing up to address the council, but I am prepared to sign up again as well to as the council what has been done. It will be interesting to see the publication of the Internal Affairs investigation, which supposedly will be published within the next week or so. As one citizen pointed out at the Citizen Police Review Board meeting last Wednesday, I sure wish that when I was in trouble for breaking the rules, the judge would just ask me to do an investigation on myself. I’d definitely never conclude that I’d been involved in any misconduct.

Here are a few links to local press on the event:

Story from the Columbia Daily Tribune

Story from the Columbia Missourian

Story from the Maneater, MU’s student newspaper

Also, for video of my speech and Holly’s speech follow this link and click on “Spencer Pearson: Columbia Police Department Issues” under the scheduled public comment section.

I’d like to give a huge thank you to everyone who showed up to the council meeting that night and stood with me as I addressed the mayor and the council. I also would like to thank the folks who’ve kept reading my blog and have signed the petition and/or the LEAP petition. For those interested, the next activity I’m aware of that concerns this SWAT issue is a meeting of a new group called the CoMo Citizens. They plan to meet at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Columbia Public Library. I will be unable to attend, but of course the more support these local groups have, the more they’ll be able to accomplish! Stay strong, brothers and sisters!


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