Poll shows overwhelming opposition to SWAT tactics

Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton

The Columbia Tribune is conducting an online poll asking whether SWAT actions against Jonathan Whitworth last February were appropriate. So far 92% of respondents have answered “no.” It seems the recent release of the video of the SWAT team raid has caused a public outcry for stricter limits on the police department’s use of SWAT teams as opposed to a debate on whether these actions were appropriate. Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid and Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton held a frantic press conference to attempt to spin the issue after the police department received numerous phone calls, emails, and even a death-threat fax, according to the Columbia Tribune. I will be speaking at the next city council meeting, May 17, and I encourage everyone who cares about this issue to attend. We cannot let our city’s police department act this way and then weasel out of it. It was unacceptable and we need a GUARANTEE that nothing like this can happen again.


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