Columbia police shoot dog in front of child

So I just finished up my last blog post, and I read a tweet from HIGH TIMES about a SWAT raid on a Missouri family where cops shot a family pet in front of the kid. Turns out it went down in my college town, Columbia, MO. There’s video, and I’ll warn you, there’s a bit of language and it’s overall pretty disturbing. I just want to make sure everyone sees this; I have no idea what to do in response but rest assured I’ll be talking to some folks around town because this sort of conduct is absolutely unnecessary and unacceptable. Pass this on. If you have any info about the incident or ideas on who to talk to about it or what action to take, please email

**UPDATE** I think it should be a clear-cut objective of our organization to end paramilitary police raids for narcotics search warrants. Unjustifiable use of money, force, violence and manpower to serve a simple search warrant. Read this article for an idea of where I’m going with this:


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