AZ cop shot by Mexican drug traffickers

Five drug traffickers opened fire on Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll in a remote part of the Arizona desert south of Phoenix. Puroll was injured in the shooting, but thankfully treated and released from an area hospital. Officers have rounded up 17 suspected illegals as a result of the manhunt spurred by the shooting, and three of those are believed to have been involved with the shooting. Video via CNN here.

Now of course, the media is presenting this as an illegal immigration story. These people aren’t illegal immigrants. They are smugglers. They make huge sums of money smuggling people and drugs and money back and forth across the U.S.-Mexico border. Hopefully officials in Arizona and on Capitol Hill realize they can either stoke this fire or put it out. Meaning, they could increase enforcement, increase the amount of border patrol, maybe even call in the National Guard. They could add all the man power and gun power money could buy, and even if they kill every trafficker they find, more will come to replace them. And they’ll be bringing bigger guns too.

On the other hand, lawmakers could substantially reduce, if not eliminate, border violence and trafficking by legalizing and regulating these substances. More violence and heavier enforcement always leads to more lucrative drug trade and more profits for cartels and gangs. If Arizona lawmakers really wanted to end border violence, they’d legalize marijuana for personal use and growth, and its value would disappear overnight. It’s the only way to hit the cartels where it really hurts: their cash flow. This story is about drug traffickers, plain and simple.


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