How embarrassing!

I’m really not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Former Fort Worth Police Officer Wesley D. Lamb

A Fort Worth cop was recently arrested for the possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence. Officer Wesley D. Lamb was nailed in an undercover investigation after an anonymous tip came in that he was toking up in his car… on duty. An undercover officer posing as a concerned citizen turned in a fat sack of bud he had “found” to officer Lamb (89 grams, over 3 oz). Lamb put it in his patrol car and told the undercover officer he intended to destroy it. He then drove straight home and went into his house for ten minutes. Officers followed and watched, and what they saw was enough to get a search warrant. Needless to say, they found the same sack in his house along with his stash and paraphernalia. The Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead said he has created  a special investigations unit to weed out all the rest of the corruption in the FWPD. Too bad officer Lamb didn’t get a spot on that task force, eh? Full story from the Star-Telegram here.


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