Tax Cannabis Update

There has been an absolute flood of good news surrounding Tax Cannabis 2010 this past week! First off, they met their fundraising goal of $42,000 by 4/20 thanks to some help from NORML’s 4/20 fundraiser drive (and no thanks to the zero people who chipped in via this blog). The bigger news though is this: According to a poll from Survey USA done on behalf of California TV news station KPIX, 56% of Californians support legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes!

There are still quite a few concerns come November. The first and most pressing concern is this: how do we make sure that kids will vote? According to the poll, 74% of those age 18-34 support legalization. Many are worried that the act may not pass if there isn’t enough of a youth turnout. Some have even speculated that the youth might not turn out because Obama’s not on the ticket. I personally believe that the Tax Cannabis question will bring out more youth voters than Obama could dream of rallying. Youth are very interested in passing this act because this is about ending a war that’s largely aimed at young people. We know that it’s mostly kids getting busted and we know that enough is enough, and I sincerely hope that all the Californian youth get out to the polls this November and give our country that first step toward national legalization!


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