Tax Cannabis 2010- Donate!

Tax Cannabis 2010 is just over halfway to their goal, but their goal day is tomorrow, 4/20

I’ve already talked about California’s voter initiative that seeks to legalize marijuana in their state this November. Here’s the deal: any successful voter initiative or political campaign needs funding in order to pass. Advertising, promotion, lobbying, travel and food for the good folks who are fighting for this bill, they all cost a lot of money and it adds up very quickly. Don’t live in California? I’m smack in the middle of Missouri, but I sent in a donation. Why? This is the most important event in the entire movement right now. Historically, California starts the national political trends. Medical marijuana passed in California first, and then other states followed suit. It will be the same way for legalization. The bottom line is this: If you guys have the money to throw 50-60 bucks down for an eighth of nug every weekend, you can afford to send ten or twenty bucks to the California Legalization Initiative. Just do it: every dollar counts! I’ve set up a page for you to donate in the name of this blog, so if you support legalization or this blog or both, please click here and send a donation! Happy 4/20 eve!


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