Oregon joins race for first legalized state!

Good news for another bunch of West Coasters! Oregon has joined California in legalization efforts in 2010. Supporters of the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA) are trying to collect 125,000 signatures by July 2 to put the measure on the November ballot.

Not only would their proposal legalize the personal possession, sale and cultivation of marijuana, but it also would set aside 2% of industry profits to be invested in industrial hemp promotion! A win-win-win for Oregon voters if enough signatures are gathered and the measure passes. Read the proposal in its entirety here.

Let me just say that if Democrats really want to save some face and get some love come election time, they should just grow some balls and tackle this issue head-on. It will happen one person at a time. Talk to your friends, inform your family and most of all, don’t be shy.

Also, if any readers out there have a particular story they find interesting or would like to put in a word, send an email to freethedrugs@gmail.com. I’m always looking for something to write about, and I’d be happy to post your thoughts! Peace to all.


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