Meeting Larry Talley

First of all, I’m very sorry this post is a day late. I had a lot to ponder and mull over before writing it. But here it is, at last.

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Larry Talley at his home in Flower Mound, Texas last Thursday evening. I was greeted at the front door by Larry and five little whippets. Larry actually breeds whippets, and some of them were rescued from bad environments. Larry’s whippets are very intelligent and well-trained. They compete in shows and races, and they’re highly decorated. He showed me a large wall of awards the dogs had won. It was quite impressive! He told me that one of his whippets also can sense seizures before they happen, and will give Larry a signal that it’s time to take his anti-seizure medication. They are truly marvelous dogs, and they were very friendly.

Larry was perhaps the most knowledgeable person I have met to date as far as legalization efforts and cannabis culture go. He also knows his rights and, as a retired military man, constantly asserts them. He is a member of LEAP, and he tours the country speaking on their behalf. He actually is scheduled to give a series of talks on the east coast next week, so anyone in the Boston or Connecticut areas should check him out!

Larry is also an active member in the Dallas-Fort Worth NORML chapter. He is doing many great things to help the drug reform movement, and he’s confident that we are on the edge of drug legalization. One event Larry mentioned was the global marijuana march on May 1. This event is being held in cities all over the world. On that day reformers will march in solidarity, letting their voice be heard in protest of the illegality of a natural plant. Larry and I both agree that in this decade we should see many more major drug law reforms on both state and national levels.

As for the idea, neither Larry nor I have heard anything since the conference call we had with staff the week the winners were announced. Larry believes that we should attempt to get as many congressional members as possible to speak out against prohibition. If more congressmen and women talk about legalization, less political risk will be involved for others to board the bandwagon. I will be contacting the staff this week for an update on any progress and to inquire about what steps we should take collectively. Of course Larry and I agreed that we’d be willing to meet with legislators ourselves to open up discussions about legalization.

In the few hours that Larry and I talked, I learned quite a lot. I look forward to continuing to work with him through and I believe that our paths will one day cross again. I am grateful that we were able to meet through’s ideas contest, and I hope that there are many exciting opportunities still in store through their organization.

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