Happy Hangover Day!

Alcohol impairs the kidneys' ability to hold water, resulting in dehydration and a nasty headache.

Good morning! If all this bright green is hurting your eyes, perhaps you hit the green beer quite hard last night. Unfortunately you may have experienced a number of negative side-affects from alcohol, including nausea, vomiting, blackouts and memory losses, and a hangover lasting anywhere from 1-36 hours. Perhaps you’re calling in sick from work or cutting out of class today. A lost day of productivity for many today.

Or you could have taken the safer choice and truly gone green with some cannabis nuggets. If so, you’ll likely be waking up today (perhaps after a few snooze cycles) ready to face the day. No calling in sick for the cannabis user; you’ve saved brain cells and you actually remember the good time you had tonight, instead of having to be told about it by your buddies the next day.

Something to think about before the next binge drinking holiday (spring break is soon…). Hope your St. Patty’s day didn’t need food coloring to be green. Your head (and your neighbors downstairs) will be thanking you.


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